Our new interactive tour of the outskirts of Chiang Mai “THIS PAGE IS FULL OF WINDOWS, IN WHICH IT PUTS PRICES, HOW WE WORK, ETC”

From: 500.00 ฿


This tour is unique to our company, in which you will be able to know the most incredible places of Chiang Mai, sites that only locals know and enjoy.

Pick up at your hotels from 7 to 7.30 am

Mae Sa Waterfall “a waterfall with 10 levels”

Here we will make a small trek to reach level 10, then they will go down to level 5 to enjoy a fantastic bath in the middle of nature and national park.

Lake Huay Tung Tao: A lake surrounded by bamboo huts over the water with incredible views, are Thai restaurants used by locals on their days off. We can enjoy the local food and taste a great fish


After eating we have to lower the food so we will go on a trek to climb the mountain by an ancient path of monks, when they arrive you will be surprised by the temple that we will find in the middle of the Wat Pha Lat jungle

Doi Pui: a village climbing the mountains of the ancient Mons tribes, there is now little of these tribes left, but they still work the crafts and on top of that they sell it to you at prices far below what they are worth (here you can buy souvenirs from the mountain tribes and so I will have it already is the details for friends and family)

Wat Pha Lat

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep: One of Chiang Mai’s most famous temples, I’ll tell you the story of why this temple was built in this place. You can appreciate the views of all Chiang Mai from here

Doi Suthep Temple


Return to their respective hotels in Chiang Mai at about 5 or 6 pm

The date calendar may appear “gray” in format not available for dates they are interested in.

In El Norte De Thailand we work with shared departures mode in order to offer the most complete departures at the lowest rate.

Once we have the armed group, and all the members agree with the rate (which varies according to the number of people who make up the group) just there we enable that date on the calendar and proceed to take formal reservations.

For more information read on…

VIP shared output mode

The biggest couple of people who contact us are couples… small groups of just 2 or 3 people.
We generally do not make (private) departures of 2 or 3 people since the operating costs of working 100 legal are high. The commercially licensed driver (to give an example) charges the same if 3 people or 12 go. The same goes for gasoline, tolls, registered guide, policies etc. The vast majority of costs are fixed regardless of how many people attend the issue is that dividing those fixed costs by 3 or 10 is very different. Try to quote a private outlet with any operator (legal and in English) and you will see rates well above one hundred euros per person.
It is because of this that we strive to assemble and coordinate groups,for the different dates. In this way we can offer the most complete departures and the lowest rates.

We provide you with our own group on Facebook. A very powerful tool that has concreted hundreds of outputs. There you will see that we have a post marked with all the fortnights of the next 10 months. By simply marking the dates in the survey that they are interested in, we will then create separate posts on each date and tag everyone. Notifications will arrive, and after agreeing with the group of a certain date we proceed to take the formal reservations.

The flip side of the coin is that people are chatting, they get to know each other and the day of departure are no longer 50 strangers but 8 or 10 friends… and they have a much better time.

They can also help us by posting on the many other Facebook and WhatsApp groups that exist. The more people who get on the lower the rate, the lower the rate will be for everyone.


Number of people Price per person
(in Baht Thai)
4 3800
5 3200
6 2700
7 2550
8 2400
9 or more 2300


Note: You can see that the price goes down as the group is bigger as many of the fixed expenses are shared.

As comparative parameters:

  • A typical tour includes only water and a refreshing towel. We give the drink you choose, as much as necessary, and the same with the towels.
  • Some tours do not include transportation from your hotel. There are usually meeting points that need to be reached on your own. We search ed for their hotels and leave them there at the end of the day.
  • Some tours do not include lunch, or tickets to different temples, and everything is sold as an “extra” upon arrival at the certain place. Breakfast, fruit, snacks, etc…

In summary:

With us they wouldn’t spend an extra 1 cent all day (unless they decide to drink alcohol or buy a souvenir).


Our new mode of interactive tours, to be able to give them the same service that we have always offered, but to be able to lower the costs, we have designed the interactive tours. In these tours you will have the best of services, but the guide will be English speaking, although you will carry an mp3 and a dossier with everything explained in Spanish, we will also put at your disposal a number of Whatsapp to which you can make any query on the day of the tour.

List of prices by group


GROUPS UP TO 6 PEOPLE 13,500 thb


GROUPS OF UP TO 11 PEOPLE 20,750 thb


  • Pick-up and drop-off to and from their respective hotels
  • Professional driver and minivan with authorized board
  • Thai English-speaking guide and Spanish companion
  • All tickets
  • Food on the lake “Huay Tung Tao”
  • Waters and refreshments “unlimited in the minivan”
  • Snacks “unlimited in the minivan”
  • Refreshing wipe
  • Wifi in the minivan
  • Insurance with AXA INSURANCE


  • Alcohol
  • Souvenirs

In The North Of Thailand, we always try to understand the thousand and one factors that affect the holiday. Especially for many as their first time in Asia, etc.

But at the same time, a cancellation without valid reason complicates us as a company. and what’s much worse, complicates the whole group that committed to that date. By having a variable price scheme, depending on the number of people attending the products, a cancellation creates a problem to solve or a large cost (loss) that we must assume as a company since fixed costs do not vary.

For this reason: No cancellation is accepted and no refund is made without a valid reason. To avoid discussing later what is considered a “valid reason”, Northern Thailand reserves the right not to accept cancellations and will be refunded as a “courtesy” “In cases where it can be shown that a factor other than the customer prevented it from arrive or attend the exit. Death of a family member, clim air disasters, cancelled flights (by the flight company, not a missed flight due to being late), last-minute accidents and illnesses are valid reasons, and once the corresponding certificate has been presented we will reimburse you accordingly.

Date changes: The same policy applies as a cancellation for the following reason: Let’s say you booked for the 14th, when there is already a group of 8 people, with you being the ninth and tenth person. Then, he asks us to change the date because they decide to stay. One more day on some island. What happens is that on the 15th we may not have a store available. Or because we didn’t go out that day or because that day we’re already full. Anyway, we can’t add them to the 15th and that’s the only day he decided he could attend. For this reason, we strongly ask that you, in the same way that you commit to a hotel or flight, do so with our Departures.

Mail: info@elnortedetailandia.com

Phone and whatsapp: +66 964 937 313